April 14, 2019

Boring Logan Drive Pulley Lathe Restoration

Logan lathe 920 restoration part2: Boring the drive pulley. Now that we have a temporary wooden pulley to stand in, the logan original pulley can be bored out to accept bushings concentric to the outside diameter. This job was made much easier by making the temp cone pulley first, then setting the original into the 8” 3 jaw chuck, and indicating the run out of the od to the lowest possible setting by rotating the part in the jaws. I considered doing this machining operation in my 7x14 mini lathe, or my 7x12 mini lathe, however this job was on the outside limits of the 7” swing.

If you watched the logan lathe pulley part1 video of this boring project, you know we are doing this to eliminate or minimize the run out of this pulley because of the vibration it transfers to the machine. The motor driven shaft is of ¾ diameter, and requires that the pulley be over bored to accept bushing inserts, with sufficient wall thickness to allow for threading of the locking set screws. I had on hand a length of 1.75” round stock, so I decided on 1.125 finish bore.
Many home and hobby machinist tips and tricks, How to eliminate chatter, Dealing with back lash, using inside calipers to measure the bore.Enjoy the Boring video on youtube = SHARE ROCKNTV1