September 27, 2011


Mindless Boring: Everything about 7x12 (93799) MINI LATHE from HARBOR FREIGHT video review. I show you an indepth look at the metal working mini lathe from Harbor Freight model 93799 the 12" between centers , 7 " swing over bed and 3.9 over saddle (approx). We will take off the dc motor cover to detirmine horse power, and other pros and cons of this Harbor Freight hobby lathe for precision metal working. This mini metal lathe is for light bench top and hobby turning an weighs just under a hundred pounds.
Used by many for RC models, and Pen turning these mini bench lathes can be converted to CnC by adding stepper motors and cnc control software. Bore, drill, face turning and more can be done on this miniature lathe from HARBOR FREIGHT and dont forget your Harbor Freight sale coupon. comments

Using a HARBOR FREIGHT MINI LATHE to make a WOODTURNING project. A Harbor Freight 7x12 mini metal lathe turning wood with power feed. Drilling and boring wood with a bench top mini lathe. Central machinery hf 7x12 (93799) MINI metal LATHE. how to run a lathe
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