April 10, 2019

Logan Lathe cone step pulley repair

Logan Lathe cone step pulley repair. A first step in the restoration of any lathe is to find out what needs to be repaired. Some people will break out all the alignment and test equipment and commence to start indicating the lathe from end to end. This may be good for a lathe in mechanically sound condition, or one that has no outward signs of damage or abuse, for my old Logan, this was not the case. My 920 needed to make parts for itself, like all good lathes should, and to do that, several issues needed addressed.

Once the lathe was in at least working condition, Assumptions of alignments of the tail stock, head stock, and other indicators of accuracy would prove out. The making of a simple test bar, will tell heaps about the condition of any lathe, and always my go-to first test. That said, the surface finish of any part turned in a lathe can be affected by many factors, one of which is vibration transmitted to the work from the drive. The Logan 920 lathe uses a 3 step cone pulley on the counter shaft to drive the main cone on the spindle. This pulley from the factory has set double set screws to tighten it to a ¾ shaft. Mine had been bent, and the belt tension swing arm broken, at some point. The pulley had been bored crooked, likely to fix damage done by someone who did not realize there were two set screws per hole. In this video I show you how to turn a temporary pulley to drive the lathe, while the original is repaired in the lathe itself. You can Comment and ask questions here.