April 13, 2019

Masonry Drill Bits concrete Brick Ceramic

About masonry drill bits: For drilling Masonry, concrete, Brick, Ceramic,stone. Masonry drills differ from wood or general purpose drill bits in that they have a carbide spade type cutting edge on the tip. The spiral or helix part is is for clearing the stone, concrete, or ceramic dust from the hole. To drill a hole through the concrete foundation wall I purchased a small handful of masonry drill bits of different sizes to pilot for the next. The best driver for this job would be an sds hammer drill(see here), I did not have one. I had a very strong low speed drill motor. The thing about drilling concrete is the aggregate, which is the small stones contained contained in the mix. These stones would immediately blunt a normal drill bit and require the masonry type. The hammer action breaks the stones, the carbide grinds them, and the spiral excavates the hole. The drilling job of which I speak is 9” diameter by 8” through the wall flue pipe chimney install video..
After 6 hours leaning against the foundation, and trashing all but one of $40 worth of masonry drill bits, it was time to get the proper sds hammer drill seen here. SDS drill refers to the shank of the drill bit, the shank is the part that fits into the hammer drill motor. These need to fit, sds masonry drill bits fit sds hammer drill motors. sds hammer drill = SHARE ROCKNTV1