May 7, 2011


A page about lathes and my machine tools. Boring, milling, or drilling, as the home machinist, might do, drill press to grinding wheels. Videos about my mini lathes and hobby turning projects, metal and wood. Newest addition, to ROCKNTV1 videos, MINDLESS BORING: lathe and home machine shop videos. Identify the controller boards of several of the mini lathes and their tooling and mods, maintenance. Metal working projects. >Metal working projects and ideas.

Zerk grease fitting tap drill hole and thread with a tap to make a greasable front axle pivot bolt for my sears suburban garden tractor project howto.
howto make a gasket, home made gaskets diy howto video

13" harbor freight drill press boring, sanding ,drilling holes
Starrett 98-4 4-Inch Precision Machinists Level Precision measuring tools in the machine shop, are a necessity to complete accurate work and parts
Big Dog 7x14 mini lathe Running a fast power feed gear ratio
j-b weld brass sprinkler head repair
Digital Protractor general tool Setting lathe compound angles using a Digital Protractor.
Logan lathe compound handwheelMetal project, my Logan lathe, making parts for it self.
steel gears for mini latheWant steel gears for your mini lathe but worried about the noise. This video is about the sound of a Big dog 7x14 lathe with all steel gears.
Lathe mandrels by Morse some antique lathe mandrels in the tool pile of my used logan lathe
Armstrong tool holdersArmstrong tool holders are made to fit "lantern style" tool posts on Lathe machines
BIG DOG Metalworks 7X14 mini LATHE TAILSTOCK video Review the Tailstock of the bd-7x14 mini lathe.
BIG DOG 7X14 A look inside the BIG DOG 7x14 mini lathe headstock for steel gears, and proper lubrication

Briggs and Stratton engine projecthome shop project, MONSTER CAN CRUSHER
Replace mini lathe motor sourcing a variable speed dc motor for the Asian mini lathes
Porter Cable 8" Bench Grinder pcb575BGNo home machine shop would be complete without a Bench Grinder
MINI LATHE REVIEW HARBOR FREIGHT 7x12Everything about 7x12 (93799) MINI LATHE from HARBOR FREIGHT video review.

Harbor freight 7x12 Mini Lathe HF 93799 DC motor control circuit board FC250BJ SPEED VARIABLE CONTROLLER from CENTRAL MACHINERY,,, IDENTIFY REFERENCE
Used logan Lathe Assessing the value of a used logan lathe model 920, checking the working parts and condition.
Logan lathe A Logan 920 screw cutting lathe project rebuild
Logan Lathe spindle repair The parts break down of the headstock on the Logan 920 11" screw cutting lathe
Big Dog metal works 7x14 video identification of the DC motor control on the bd-7x14 mini lathe
MEAT LATHE I sing while I do my turning projects,, this one is a ham
Mini lathe change gears steel gears, plastic? How about solid oak, lathing project
big phase II drill chuck VIDEO, using a full size machine tool in a mini lathe
CMT 7X10 MINI LATHE The 7x10 mini lathe is really 7x8, by CMT machine tools
BIG DOG 7X14 MINI LATHE LATHE unboxing, REVIEW videos about the BIG DOG METAL WORKS 7X14 PRECISION lathe BD-7x14
2 tpi square thread Lathe machine setup of a 2 tpi (threads per inch)r/h square thread cutting operation. Hobby machinist restoration project.
Cutting threads on the mini latheat 2.5 tpi this can be a real task for a 7x14 lathe, video in hd shows you how