December 5, 2020

Dewalt 4.5 ANGLE GRINDER 11amp

An angle grinder or side grinder like the Dewalt 4 ½ “ is very useful around the shop for grinding and cutting steel. I use my 11 amp dewalt angle grinder for steel surface prep prior to welding while having a grinding wheel mounted or a coarse flap wheel. With a cut off wheel mounted, the angle grinder is great for cutting angle iron as shown, cutting slots, and many general shaping jobs during steel fabrication.

The dewalt angle grinder has a movable guard that can be adapted to right hand or left handed users, and proper deflection of sparks. The Dewalt 4 1/2” 11 amp angle grinder is very powerful and should be held with 2 hands. The dewalt angle grinder becomes very handy for cutting steel sheet or pipe when the alternative may be a hack saw ;-)
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