December 5, 2020

lathe make shear pins for snowblower

Shear pins for Snowblower made on lathe. Logan lathe machining snowblower shear pins. Store bought shear pins can cost several dollars each. Using a lathe to machine homemade shear pins for the snowblower auger to prevent costly repair bills. Most snowblower models use at least 2 shear pins and some 4. My 1952 logan lathe is turning bolts into shear pins for .25 cents each!!

I am using grade 5 hardened bolts and cutting slots at the factory shearing points. Grade 3 hardware tend to smear into a bit of a mushroom making removal difficult. Grade 8 tends to be to hard and bends a bit before shearing, also making removal difficult. The lathe cutting tool is a standard .125 cutting off tool, which matches the wall thickness of the snowblower auger tube.
lathe make shear pins for snowblower, yes!! comments = SHARE ROCKNTV1