December 6, 2020

Big 5 LITER Stirling Engine BUILD

Big 5 LITER Stirling Engine BUILD AT HOME : A big homemade stirling engine build from 5 liter cans. This video howto build a big stirling engine contains views of the construction of a stirling engine from commonly available parts. From start to finish, the engine was rebuild 4 times in three years, while running in my home heater with upgraded power piston and cylinder, and stainless steel displacer can. With few tools I show you howto build a big homemade diy 5 litre engine. While the engine shown is running as a hot air fan, the intended pupose is a stirling engine generator as combind heat and power CHP, for off grid homesteading.

With the upgrade cast iron power piston running in a lathe bored steel cylinder this engine makes approx, 50>75 watts at 65 rpm in hot air fan mode.

Diy big home made stirling engine. Testing for an Alternative Energy Generator build from a stirling engine. The fan on the engine will be replaced with a flywheel embeded with magnets to generate electricity from a wood stove to be a battery charger. A supplimental addition to solar power for off grid living and homesteading.