October 3, 2020

Retro pc gaming MotherBoard over heating

MotherBoard over heating Replace heatsink paste Retro pc gaming build. GPU to hot and over heating you pc case? Many mother boards that in the past used chipset coolers to keep them from over heating when overclocking. These retro pc enthusiast grade motherboards and video cards came with large heat sinks for air cooling cpu, gpu and memory controllers for adding higher voltage and over clocking. Building a retro gaming pc with 10 or more year old computer components likely requires the builder to replace the thermal compound, tim, or paste on the heat sinks.

With careful disassembly an over heating gpu graphics card can be addressed in mucjh the same way. I show you how to replace the thermal interface material on a EVGA 790i ultra sli motherboard to keep it from over heating after the 771 xeon mod.
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