October 5, 2020

CPU COOLER Xeon Overclocking 771 Mod

How to install a heatpipe cpu cooler on a nvidia 790i ultra mother board with SLI. An Intel Xeon processor 771 mod to socket 775 motherboard for overclocking and gaming. A vintage Thermalright ultra extreme cpu cooler Installed with back plate and heatsink compound paste on a EVGA 790i ultra sli motherboard to keep it from over heating after the 771 xeon mod. Building a retro gaming pc with old computer components likely requires the builder to replace the thermal compound for beter heat transfer when overclocking your cpu.

CPU COOLER Xeon Overclocking 771 Mod Retro PC gaming Build. MotherBoard over heating from over clocking, Replace heatsink paste Retro pc gaming build. air cooled gaming rig, overclocking for fun.
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