September 25, 2020

Socket 771 xeon in 775 motherboard mod.

Socket 771 xeon in 775 motherboard mod. Build a retro gaming pc with a xeon processor in a cheap socket 775 computer with this modification of the xeon cpu. No cutting of the motherboard socket. I show you how to make the notches in the xeon chip so you don't risk bending the pins of the cpu socket.

EVGA 790I ULTRA SLI, NVIDIA CHIPSET : I show you the measurements of the xeon cpu and the 775 socket to eliminate you risk of failure. I will explain my reasonings for claiming near 100% success with modifying the cpu substrate and not the motherboard. Of course I cant speak to the quality of you cpu, or your work. I will also show you how to apply the pin swap sticker for the elctrical connections of the xeon cpu. Build the high performance gaming pc Intel never intended you to have. DIY gaming pc with these tips on how to modify the xeon processor, and not the motherboard. intel socket 771 xeon to socket 775 mod. The next installment to this post will be the bios mod need to take advantage of the xeon instruction set and propper cpuid to the operating system. Play games on windows XP and win7 on max settings.
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