October 10, 2020

Corsair HX850 ATX power supply for overclocking

Corsair HX850 ATX power supply for overclocking. The one thing that is seldom mentioned when having problems with overclocking a pc build is the power supply. It is however one of the most common cause of problems while building a pc for gaming or simulation programs. Adding voltage to pc components while increasing speed is nearly always necessary. Providing clean and stable power is the job of the power supply. The HX850 atx power supply from Corsair is an 80 plus gold semi modular design, that will maintain proper voltage and low ripple currants for your next overclocked retro pc build.

Corsair HX850 ATX power supply is a semi modular atx power supply with 850 watts total supply power voltage with an 80 plus gold rating. Build you next retro gaming pc with a quality power supply and reduce problems while overclocking.
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