September 20, 2020

Fractal Focus G Build Retro PC Gaming

Fractal design Focus G computer case for diy Retro PC Gaming. Focus G mid tower focus g pc chassis design to house atx, micro atx and mini itx mother boards will not accept extended atx or full atx mother board.

This is part 1 of a new pc build series of a retro pc gaming computer. A full unboxing and descriptive review of the cheap mid tower atx computer case by fractal design, the focus g. Socket 775 771 mod xeon. This mid tower atx ready case was delivered to my house for 53.00$ from newegg !! very pleased. water cooling ready and factory installed cooling fans.
comments, Questions answered here

Looking at cable managment After all major componants have been build into the focus g ATX MID TOWER case. comments, Questions answered here