February 14, 2020

LATHE Acme Thread Cross Slide Nut logan

How to Machine an acme thread cross slide nut. Doing the math, and measuring to produce a precision micrometer nut to fit the 7/16x10 lead screw by acme threading bearing bronze and repair the factory cast iron parts on my logan lathe restoration.

PT1, This cross slide nut is available online by an eday seller, However I recommend buying this part from Scott Logan as the critical thread "center line" measurements appear inconsistent with my Logan 920. The cross slide mounting surface of the nut and on other datum on the side are likely the factory original locating surfaces. These, imho are only useful to a new un worn lathe, There fore I made my part as a distance from center line of the bore to compensate for this wear. single point threading Comments/Questions Here https://youtu.be/kDXlcjvBTGA
part2 Boring the hole and lathe setup to cut acme thread

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PT3 logan lathe single point threading its own acme thread cross slide nut.

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