February 23, 2020


VINTAGE RETRO GAMING PC Hard Drive POSITION, Building a vintage pc for Retro gaming many times includes the use of old and used hard drives. Hard drive mounting cages often vary in their orientation or position in the computer case vertical vs horizontal. In this video I outline MY reasons for doing it MY way. Lets hear your comments on the pro and cons, and hard drive mounting positions.

IMHO, While using a brand new hard disk drive in a vertical POSITION may have negligible effect on mtbf, I believe this conclusion to be false for many reasons. One of which is for the most part the folks who release these statements are the makers of the hard drives. They are in the business of selling MORE hard drives or they are operators of hard drives in commercial applications. Here the disk drives are changed out at intervals far sooner then the private user building a vintage retro gaming pc for nostalgia purpose, and sufficient failure data is not available. This video contains the opinion driven by experience, of a machinist / mechanic, computer builder since 1990. Befor you install a old hard disk drive consider NOT changing its orientation, WATCH VIDEO and save the data recovery procedure on your hard disk drive. comments = SHARE ROCKNTV1