February 6, 2020

Dell System Restore Recovery Factory Settings

Dell Restore System Factory Settings Recovery HOWTO, How to use Dell system restore to factory settings of your PC to like new condition. This recovery method uses the Dell factory pre installed image of your operating system to an as build state. For many laptop and desktop pc computers that were sold by Dell with out the Instalation media. Not for most media direct PC‘s. DSRFIX

I show you how to Restore your dell pc to factory settings using the build in Dell DSR partition. These simple steps return your dell pc to the "as shipped" state. The dell system restore utility is only a viable recovry method IF the user has not formated the hard drive in its entirety and the Dell utility partion AND the Dell system restore partion exist. For pc users who have removed the dell dsr for any reason, or resized partions or installed an os that wipes the hard drive, you are out of luck and must seek an other sorce to recover your system. comments = SHARE ROCKNTV1