December 9, 2019

SnowBlower Garden Tractor Attachment Rebuild

SnowBlower Rebuild PT1 an pto driven attachment for my white gt1855 garden tractor, not to be confused by the Cub cadet stickers. This snow blower is a cub Cadet 450 snow thrower which is the same as the white outdoors 45" snow blower that was sold by MTD in the 1990s. In this video I show the auger drum repair, repair of the slider/ skid shoes, AN some mig welding and metal fabrication of a mod to the lifting mechanism. I also make home made shear pins.

The 45" snowblower attachment came in at least 2 flavors, the 450 and the 451. To the best of my knowledge the the 451 had a primary drive gear box with a ratio of approx, 2.51:1 where the 450 gear box was approx, 1.86:1. I believe the difference being the cub cadet tractor with an electric engagment of the pto had a smaller final drive pully that would have increased the rpm making the 2.51: ratio necessary to keep the second stage fan from over speeding.

part 2 auger gearbox repair cub cadet 450 snowblower
SnowBlower Auger Gear Repair Rebuild PT3 Assembly SnowBlower Auger Gear Repair Rebuild PT3 Assembly = SHARE ROCKNTV1