December 25, 2019

Coal Stove, Wehrle Postal Pot Belly Stove

Pot Belly Coal, wood stove. A working coal burning stove. Made by Wehrle co. Newark Ohio around 1904-38. Build from cast iron and steel with nickle plated decor. Can burn wood to light a coal fire using anthracite coal of nut and stove size. Used on my supervent chimney diy by selkirk.

The Moser-Wehrle Stove Company was founded in 1883 by Joseph C. Wehrle and John Moser. In 1903, Moser sold his stock to Wehrle, and the factory became known as the Wehrle Stove Company. In 1936 the company changed its name to the Florence-Wehrle Co. after the factory was purchased by the Florence Stove Co. and Sears Roebuck. 1939 saw yet another name change when the business became known as Newark Stove. Sears bought a controlling interest in the company in 1944, and in 1945 they discontinued the manufacture of all non-electric cooking stoves and began producing Kenmore oven units and lawn mowers.
Wehrle Postal #15 Pot Belly Stove, parlor stove, a coal burning Coal Furnace, railroad stove CAST iron parlor stove Antique early 1900s Cast Iron Parlor Stove “Acme Surprise” anthracite coal supervent chimney flue = SHARE ROCKNTV1