November 16, 2019

Winterize small engine power weekend landscape warrior

Winterize small engines and power tools for many people seems last, or not at all, on the end of season todo list. Most home owners have at least a few small engine powered lawn and yard maintenance machines living in the garage or backyard shed. These, mostly gasoline powered tools get used by the weekend landscape warrior to beautify their respective castle and its surrounding grounds. Then, the poor yard manicuring slave gets stood, leaned, hung, or pushed into a corner to be exchanged for the next, cutting, trimming or blowing implement, only to see any care when it gets dehydrated from lack of fuel. Its a sad story… isn't it,,,

especially if the next chapter begins in the spring time with the flogging of mostly dead starter batteries, pull cords, clogged carburetors, stale gas, dirty air filters, and worn spark plugs. Not to mention dirty crank case oil. In this video, I show you what I am calling small engine maintenance day. I pull every small gas engine powered tool out of the garage, from string trimmer, weed wacker, pressure washer lawn tractor, back pack blower, and snow blower, including the back up generator, out into the driveway and show you how to winterize these gas sipping tools, to both have them be in working condition when you need them, but to also increase the service life of the small engine powered slaves of the weekend landscape warrior. = SHARE ROCKNTV1