August 23, 2019

Rotary Table Machining Use on Mill

Rotary Table Machining Use on Mill. Adding a rotary table or dividing head to a milling machine allows milling operations on a forth axis. A dividing head with Indexing plates as shown here is used to mill gear teeth. A rotary table may also be used in this fashion, but may only be able to position work pieces according to the 360 degree scale on the od of the table.

In this example I am using the rotary table with dividing plates to index 16 positions for a milling operation. The work is mounted on a mandrel and placed between centers of the table and a tail stock along the X axis of the milling machine. A cutting tool may now be moved along the work to mill the required feature, then re indexed to an accurately spaced position in degrees and fractions of a circle. The dividing plates add the capability of of divisions that may not be directly divided into 360. = SHARE ROCKNTV1