May 9, 2019

Grizzly 6" Rotary Table 40939 mill

Grizzly H7527, 6" Rotary Table, with dividing Plates. I purchased the Grizzly h7527, 6"rotary table to make gears for my logan lathe. The rotary head will be setup on my Harbor Freight 40939 6x26 mill, with the tailstock and a gear blank made in my 7x14 mini lathe, on a taper mandrel and cut between centers. The h7527 rotary table, is made in India, and seems of good enough Quality to warrant the 380$ usd including shipping. It does seem as though most products these days manufactured on that other side of the world are some approximation of imperial measurement in metric. The Grizzly h7527 rotary table is no different, nor is the 6” 4 jaw chuck, intended for the logan lathe 2.25x8 spindle. The chuck however is directly compatible with mounting on the rotary table using the T-slots. The Table center is MT2 taper and compatible with much of my existing tailstock and drill press tooling, bonus. Be sure to subscribe and watch this rotary table to make gears.
Use this 6" rotary table, horizontal or vertical position for milling of gears, splines, bolt hole circle, Key slot bolt heads, hex, and more. Comes with three dividing plates and adjustable tailstock. 90:1 ratio, with 4 degree table rotation per handle turn and 20 second vernier scale, make this combination rotary table and dividing head very accurate and precise. The rotary table comes with a 3/8" clamping set for the 4-slot table, and sector arms for dividing. Grizzly h7527 = SHARE ROCKNTV1