August 13, 2019

Lathe Machining Facing Boring Threading

Lathe Machining parts for itself. A semi time lapse of a nut being machined from cast iron metal. Facing, Boring, Threading, machining operations. While I called this video Lathe Machining Nut Facing Boring Threading, the fact is, this is a spindle nose thread protector.

However the attention span of the average youtub user is so short that the hour and 15 real time minutes it took to machine this part in real life, is well over the limit of the cell phone wielding viewer. When I finally get around to posting the “how to” make a lathe thread protector series it will likely be 4 parts, facing the blank, pre drilling, boring the inside diameter for the 2 ¼ x 8 tpi that fits a logan 920 lathe, and the assorted math. Then the accrual threading of the part. Consider this page the tool holder for the soon to be made Logan lathe spindle nose thread protector. = SHARE ROCKNTV1