August 11, 2019

LATHE Machining Drilling From TailStock

LATHE, Machining Notes for Drilling From TailStock LATHE Machining, Some things to think about when drilling from the lathe tail stock. Considerations for using big drill bits or reamers held in any size MT taper, and especially on the mini lathe.

On a lathe, the work piece is normally rotating and cutting tools are fed into the work. The tailstock spindle can be advanced along the head stock spindle axis of the the lathe. Tail stocks rarely are rated for maximum drill or reamers sizes, that would limit the torque of drilling large holes. This unlike a drill press or milling machine that use tapered tool holder, and are rated by the size of this taper. A lathe on the other hand having a stationary tool in the tail stock are only held by a small key or pin that keeps the tool from spinning. A lathe more suitable for heavy drilling operations would be a turret or capstan lathe. = SHARE ROCKNTV1