July 11, 2019

HowTo Make Gear Logan Lathe Parts

How To Make gears, Parts for Logan. Mini lathe makeing gear blanks to repair a Logan lathe. This is part 1 of a start to finished gear to fix the quick change gears box la1201 on a 920 11" machine. the mini lathe turns the gear blank. A harbor freight 6x26 40939 mill will be used to cut the gear using a rotory table and single point form tool.

I decided to buy the rotary table instead of purchasing the fine feed gear I needed from Scott at Logan lathe not because the gears are expensive, but because I need more than just one. This 1952 machine has many miles under power feed and I reasoned, several could use replacing. For the cost of 2 gears from Logan, I could now make them all. This is not to say the parts from Logan are too expensive, as my cost to make them is ruffly double what Logan gets. Just, this lathe doesn't justify to cost, so I trade my time to improve the machine.

how to make a gear pt2 to restore my logan lathe to fix the quick change gears box la1201. A single point form tool fly cutting gear teeth on the milling machine. A hand ground involute gear cutter was used in a home made tool holder.
Finishing the la1201 part 16 tooth fine feed gear for logan 920 lathe. = SHARE ROCKNTV1