July 19, 2019

Mini lathe Accessories and Tooling Packages

Mini lathe Accessories and Tooling Packages: Many Mini Lathe owners will tell you the cost of the machine is cheap com paired to the tooling needed to preform machining operations with the lathe. Cutting tools are small part, then you need tool holders, drill chuck, steady rest, follower rest, 4 jaw chuck, live center. How about quick change tool post, milling adapter. You will need to make or buy a carriage stop, boring bar, tool post grinder,face plate, mt2, dead center, vertical slide for milling on the lathe. All this and you've yet to measure anything your machined on you new mini lathe.

Just a few things a 9 year owner of one of these machine tools, can pass along.Thanks for watching = SHARE ROCKNTV1