July 1, 2019

Digital camcorder Screw on Camera lenses

Digital camcorder lenses, wide Angle lens, macro lens, Telephoto lens, Screw on video camera lenses can help you get that shot that might not Happen with out the use of a add on wide Angle macro, Telephoto lens. Some times you cant get close enough, other times not far enough back to capture all the subject in to the frame. Discussion on These cheap vivitar Digital camcorder lenses and how to use them.

I first bought a Screw on wide Angle lens for my video camera when I could not get the video camera back far enough in the room I was recording my band videos. The camcorder was acctually in the door way to get the hole shot in frame, and had to be moved each time some one came or went. This was bad as the frame had to be reset each time. I them came to relise that the adapter and add on lens was protecting the main lens from damage and deemed the to be a necessity, consumable and replaceable. Thanks for watching the video. = SHARE ROCKNTV1