July 7, 2019

Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand

DIY bench grinder tool sharpening station made with a Harbor freight Central Machinery 68321 pedestal. I welded some doughnuts into the ends of steel tube to keep the bolts from crushing it when tightening. 3/4" plywood on top and i was read to mount my 8 inch grinder, a 2 wheel wet grinder, a belt and disk sander combo and my chain saw sharpener all in one place.

Easy to move around the shop and i even had room to mount a lighted magnifier. I made it it a few inches taller by mounting the stand to a moving dolly. Adding some locking caster wheels could be another option. My tool sharpening station completed I am prepared to sharpen lathe tools both high speed steel tool bit and brazed carbide lathe tools with a diamond wheel. I even have an additional swiveling tool that mounts next to the bench grinder to sharpen drill bits. = SHARE ROCKNTV1