June 29, 2019

4 Jaw independent lathe chuck Logan 920

Unboxing a 4 Jaw independent lathe chuck for my Logan lathe. It is 6” with a unfinished back plate.The chuck came with a key, and bolts for mounting to the back plate. Each of the 4 Jaws are individually adjustable, allowing firm holding of odd shaped work. The reversible Jaws allow a square work pieces to be perfectly centered to the spindle axis. A 4 Jaw independent lathe chuck can hold square,rectangular, and odd-shaped work pieces, plus, work can be set off center.

The spindle nose thread on the lathe is 2.25x8 tpi, and both the chuck registration and the recess for the spindle will have to be finish on the lathe. Lathe work holding, 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, mandrel, face plate, drive plate, lathe dog. = SHARE ROCKNTV1