June 27, 2019

Lathe Floating a Tap No Tool Holder

Lathe, Floating a Tap No Tool Holder A floating tap holder is sometimes used on a lathe or automatic screw machine to help maintain location between the tap and the hole. Large taps may often sag under their on weight in the holder or alignment of the tool and work may not be perfect causing tap breakage. This is more often an issue This is a DIY how to replicate a floating tap holder with out actually having to make or buy one.

This is more often an issue on multi spindle automatic lathe machines, and traditional screw machine where the indexing of the spindle turret and the tool slides retract to opposite platens of the machine and the guide bars may be worn. A floating tap holder allowes the tap to be held rigidly yet center itself in the hole. By pressing a hex nut of suitable size onto the tap and lightly holding it in a standard 3 jaw drill chuck, you can float the tap into alignment with the hole to be tap threaded without making or buying a floating tap holder. = SHARE ROCKNTV1