June 22, 2019

Hit and Miss Engines Powering Tools

Hit and Miss Engines Powering Tools Machine tools being powered by hit and miss engines, A small display of metal or wood working shop machines, Prentice bros drill press, power hack saw, band saw, and a working Log wood splitter driven by flat belt. A family of Fairbanks Morse Z hit and miss engines running. A small hand made model hit and miss engine

A hit-and-miss engine is a type of four-stroke internal combustion engine that is controlled by a governor to operate at a set speed. These a all capable of running and powering working tools by flat belt and line shafts In factories prior to ww2. Hit and miss engines were replacing steam engines by the late 1800s as prime mover station ary engines, untill the advent of the electric motor. = SHARE ROCKNTV1