June 20, 2019

Portable Generator Parts call China

Steele Products spGG1000e, I need parts for my portable generator, call Sears? no call china. Steele,products, has an office in the carolinas, and has excelent customer service, They sent me the parts free of charge. The woman who answered the phone was polite and help full.

A seriouse departure from sears parts direct and the parts break down on the web site. Both the part numbers and the pricing was incorrect and the service personal did not seem to want to make sure i had the right parts. So the moral of this story is, if i buy a generator that bwas manufactured in china, thats where i go to get the parts. Phone number to call in video. portable generator, spGG1000e,Wheel Kit,mobility kit. gas cap, fuel filter = SHARE ROCKNTV1