May 6, 2019

Make T nuts Harbor Freight 40939 mill

Make T nuts For the harbor freight 40939 6x26 milling machine, T-nuts are a integral Part of any machine tool. The 6x26 milling machine is no different. The mill has T slots cast into the table into which T nuts slide for the clamping of vises and fixtures, or for holding work directly to the table of the mill. These nuts, and corresponding studs must fit the slots in the table correctly to provide adequate clamping force and not distort the surface of the the mill table. Worse yet would be crack out part of the T-slot while tightening the studs The harbor freight 40939 mill however, Like many Chinese made machine tools is inconsistent in both depth and width of the t-slots. It seems most of these machines are made with a combination of both metric and imperial dimensions making it difficult to purchase a clamping kit with any confidence that it will fit properly. Combine all of the above and the decision to make my own custom T nuts was easy.
Careful measuring of the table slots on the mill and some prudent deburring of the factory finish, and set of dimensions was arrived at that would;d allow a tight, but not to tight fit of the nuts in the slots. Attention to detail at the inside corners of the t nuts is mandatory so as not to apply pressure at the openings of the slots, but at the body of the t on the table. A couple hours work, milling, drilling and tapping and I was the proud owner of a set of T nuts that actually fit my 40939 6x26 mill. One other detail is the tap hole for the studs should not penetrate the bottom of the T-nuts, as this will act like a jack screw and may break out you slot. Have fun making your home made T nuts, smile when using them knowing you didn't spend money to buy some that “weren't quite right” you will know every time you tighten them down. how to make Tnuts on youtube = SHARE ROCKNTV1