May 6, 2019

Fiber glass Stirling Engine Displacer

How to make a home made DIY stirling engine displacer piston from melted fiber glass. This process includes fire to form common fiber glass insulation batting into a round cylinder to form the hot air displacement piston of a gama type stirling engine. When finished the displacer piston will be clad in tin foil and fit into the stainless steel can part of the hot end.
The ends of the piston are made from paint can lids cut to size to fit the displacer cylinder. The driving rod is fit into and thru the center of the piston, then up through the sealing gland to be driven by the engine crank shaft. This type of construction makes a very light weight hot air displacer and the foil clading extends the time between rebuilds of the engine. HowTo Stirling Engine Displacer piston from Fiber glass video = SHARE ROCKNTV1