May 7, 2019

HomeMade Milling Attachment Logan Lathe

A home made milling attachment used on the logan lathe to drill, and cut threads in a pto drive shaft that would not set up any other way. Due to the length, the shaft did not fit in a 6” milling vise, because of the yokes. The milling attachment was setup on the lathe in a fashion that resembles a line boring operation, and drilled and threaded for an extension made from round stock which would later be milled. The lathe milling attachment was made from plate steel, and has a full gib in the dovetail slide to provide an accurate vertical axis to the lathe. The lead screw is thread is cut to 20 tpi to provide .050” adjustment per rev.
The milling attachment is attached to the lathe by mounting on a milled .5” piece of angle iron and the factory round dovetail on the cross slide of the logan 920 lathe. The round dovetail on the angle plate is removable and can be swapped to my 7x14 mini lathe. = SHARE ROCKNTV1