May 11, 2019

IMPROVE Mini Lathe chuck run Out

Mini Lathe chuck run Out, Random Chucking. A 3 three jaw lathe chuck Is said to be in good condition if a tir of .003 thousandth of an inch can be attained any time a part is randomly loaded into the chuck. Most mini lathes will come from the factory and meet this specification. However, with some attention to fitment of the chuck on the spindle register, deburring of the mounting holes and chuck jaws, It is possible to make the chuck a bit mot accurate on any random chucking of part. An accurately turned or ground test bar will be used to indicate the runout, and find the best location of the chuck on the spindle nose after proper hand finishing of the mating surfaces. In this video
I show you how to improve the accuracy of the standard self centering 3 jaw chuck provided with the mini lathe can be improved. = SHARE ROCKNTV1