May 13, 2019

Zeny 862d+ soldering station hot air smd rework

Zeny 862d+ soldering station, hot air smd rework and repair. Being the fix everything type of guy I am, the loss of a hard drive to a bad motor control pcb had me weighing my options for the data recovery. Any sane person would decide if the lost data was worth the cost, and would have sent drive out to a service, not me. I, in my infinitely cheap wisdom reasoned that If I had a cheap soldering station I could possibly fix the pcb and recover my own hard drive and end up with a decent soldering station afterward. With plan in hand, the hunt for the station commenced. The needed device would have to have hot air for removal and reflow of QFP type chips and a 50 to 70 watt soldering iron. The internet is literally flooded with blue and black boxes, with digital displays solder irons and heat gun wands hanging out. Many with brands name unpronounceable unless you are from china, many claim “unbranded” and sell under 60$.

Doing what I do, research began on the cheap Chinese made soldering stations as to which of these actually worked for the intended purpose, and spare parts availability. This is where the water became extremely muddy. No one in the business of electronic rework and repair would use a soldering station that had no clear access to parts such heating elements and consumables such as soldering iron tips. On professional duty soldering rework stations such as Hakko of japan and Weller of USA, these products are readily available with designated part numbers that correspond to the devices they work with. Not so with the various Chinese offerings, albeit, clones of clones? Knock off of a clone? Clone of a knock off? You get the point. After nearly 6 hours of internet trolling, I decided I was armed with enough information about a particular blue box soldering station. A seller on Ebay offered a unbranded version of the 862d+ 2 n 1 soldering station and offered Fedex shipping to my door, BANG, I clicked buy it now. As luck would have it, there would be no way i could recieve a perfectly working unit. Mine had to arrive with loose wireing of the soldering iron pencile and ceased to function after tinning one tip. I guess some luck was involved in that this could have caused ireprable damage had it been grounded out. The video here attempts to connect some dots about the Zeny 862d+ 2n1 soldering rework station and help others find parts, or diagnose problems with this unit.
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