April 28, 2019

Signal Salute Cannon lathe turning boring

Signal Salute Cannon, a lathe turning project that is not quite boring.I am building a black powder cannon barrel from stainless steel bar stock. The main body portion has a taper of 1.5 degrees toward the trunnion mount and cast iron sleeves shrink fit, to add girth to the power chamber area. The cannon barrel is drilled and bored with high speed steel mounted in a bar. Has been turned between centers for accuracy and ease of re-chucking.
At this point there are no drawings for this cannon and it is being made to suit my materials and aesthetic whim. The source of ignition has not currently been determined but the design lends it self to fused black powder or pyrodex loads. The barrel has locating center on the rear, which may or may not be fully removed if a decorative casabell / elevator screw becomes part of the finished product. The carriage has also not yet been decided on, and maybe either naval marine style or civil war field artillery style with wheels. Watch on youtube In the intrest of shorter video i have chosen not to bother showing the taper turning or boring, as most experts on youtube dont have time to watch, or their screen is way to small. = SHARE ROCKNTV1