April 8, 2019

WD EasyStore Red or White without Shucking

WD EasyStore Red or White without Shucking. The WD EasyStore 8tb eight terabyte external hard drive as sold by Best Buy is a great deal on a enterprise grade / nas storage hdd. The usb3 WD EasyStore Has been on sale many times in the past couple of years for less than half of what you would pay Western digital for their RED nas hard drives. The practice of shucking buy computer enthusiasts, is the removal of the hard drive from the enclosure to use connectivity other than usb.

Some buyers of these drives found the expensive and coveted western digital red branded hard drives in side the external usb houseing, others found a Hitachi white label hard drive. The general consensus is, that a few of the Best buy sold easystore models may still have the RED drives within, how ever there seems to be a particular whit labe drive having the same specifications., this video shows you how to find out with out shucking the usb enclosure.

Windows: you can use CrystalDiskInfo.
Linux: you can use this command:

sudo ls -lah /dev/disk/by-id/
This should list all disks plugged into your system. Depending on your version of Linux, usb devices may not be listed. If that is the case, hdparm should also be able to display the same information (replace the X in sdX1 to your drive letter):
sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdX1 | grep 'Model\ Number'

WD EasyStore Drive Models
WD80EFAX 8TB WD Red, 256MB cache Preferred by many due to higher cache
WD80EFZX 8TB WD Red, 128MB cache Works for most
WD80EMZZ 8TB WD "White label", 128MB cache

Latest addition to the family. It can be assumed this is similar to the WD80EMAZ to WD80EFAX situation: Just the white label version of the WD80EFZX. Seemingly no 3.3v PIN worries, though. WD80EMAZ 8TB WD "White label", 256MB cache
Seems identical to WD80EFAX, but potential problems for older devices you may plug in to. 3.3 volt power mode

all WD red label drives with 256MB cache. WD80EFAX all WD White label drives with 256MB cache. WD80EMAZ
Just shucked 4 NESN easystores from Best Buy and they were all red label drives with 256MB cache. WD80EFAX diy shucking = SHARE ROCKNTV1