April 9, 2019

Logan Lathe 920 Restoration Road Map

Logan Lathe 920 Restoration Road Map. The time has come to finally put this 1952 Logan lathe model 920 back to solid mechanical condition. Since mid 2011, I have turned hundreds of parts for variouse Items around my home. From drive shaft extensions, for my tractors to cookie press inserts for my mom. The lathe has saved me hundreds of dollars on parts, any other person with out a lathe would have had to buy. Over this time from then to now, 7 years, I have learned much about the 920, and stock piled many parts. This page and those to follow, will be sort of like the first Star Wars movie.

It all stared in the middle and worked in both directions, so to speak. I still get confused at that time line, even though I was present for the first movie in 1976? :-) check back here often as I will be updating this page as the material is uploaded, and attempt to make som sort of cohesive layout that can be followed. If you cant wait, subscribe to ROCKNTV1 on youtube click the bell for update as they become availible.
Drive BoxCone step pulley repair = SHARE ROCKNTV1