April 7, 2019

Dell Computers Why I LOVE them

Dell computers and why I love them. My first dell computer was a purchased used in 2005 at a yard sale. It was a business class machine sporting a Pentium 3 600e on a bx chipset motherboard. Runing win nt, it was to be an upgrade to a p2 400 white box shoutcast server. One very stable running computer no mater what crappy sound or video driver installed on it. Very heavy and ruggedly build. 2019 and no less then 8 Dell desktop machines across my bench, and several laptops, I am impressed. While those who must over clock to be happy, may be less than enchanted with the Dell bios and certain lack of adjust ability they nearly always boot. Mother board swaps, Done in 10 minutes. Cpu, heat sink upgrades 5 min or less. Memory upgrades done in seconds. Screw less Hard drive caddys. Extremely neat wiring harness that promote great air flow. Snap in case and cpu fans, replaced in minutes. Dell computers are just well engineered machines that use components certified to work together. My experience with dell computers have proven , nearly every model can be upgeaded in some way, unless you bought the top of the line, and even then,,,, = SHARE ROCKNTV1