April 26, 2019

Electric Log Splitter 7 years later

Electric Log Splitter 7 years later. After owning the 5 ton electric wood splitter by Task force from Lowes For 7 years a few things have become readily apparent. One time flies, two, I forgot at the time of making this video, the 1 and only problem I have had with this log splitter. That is the factory was very lax in the quality of some of the bolts and holes they thread into on some of the rails that make up the log positioning table. Other than that and replacing the hydraulic fluid at year 2, I have nothing but good things to say about this electric log splitter.

I only found this issue with the hardware while carrying the 100lbs machine from the basement to the back yard wood stack. A chore I no longer contend with as it has proved faster, and with less effort to split my fire wood indoors. No weather to contend with no extra step while processing my wood stack, and just a mildly pleasurable experience for a chore that usually causes pain. My original video review of the task force electric log splitter here, was a comparison to a home build gas powered log splitter, and why I did not assemble one myself. Cost of the engine, pump, valving, and fabrication of the log splitter body would far out strip the cost of a commercially sold unit, unless know quality parts were all ready at hand. Enjoy this comedic look at this electric log splitteron youtube. = SHARE ROCKNTV1