April 12, 2019

Problems making Youtube Videos, Batteries

Big Problems making Youtube Videos: If you make videos for youtube, you with out fail, have this problem, camcorder batteries. Battery life of a video camera has the best chance of being at its longest with an OEM battery. The battery that comes with your new camcorder, will likely be of the best quality available, and not of the largest size. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the manufacture of your video device would like you to spend more money with them. Sort of like printers and ink. The other factor in high capacity batteries is size and weight. Usually, there will be several sizes of battery for your camcorder or video device, which balance these 2 factors,, pun intended. The necessity of batteries to power video cameras is to make them portable, thus the original hand cranked video camera.

A quality high capacity camcorder battery needs high quality materials to produce, thus the expense, factor in you favorite brand name for added cost. This leads to a 3rd party market for which generic battery brands will exist. These batteries, if of the same capacity will cost nearly the same to produce, but, will be sold with out the brand name, thus providing a savings to the consumer. The problem is, nowadays the generic product market is now flooded with counterfeit, cheaply produced camera and video camcorder batteries, of both name brand and 3rd party generic parts. This leaves the consumer a choice to make when deciding to buy extra, or replacement batteries for their video gear. Buy cheap Batteries and take a chance on failure, Or buy oem batteries from the maker of your video device.
Everyone who does videography or photography, for Youtube, hobby or profession, has this problem, and will tell you,, “sometimes that one shot is gone forever”. After nearly 20 years of camcorder use, making the battery buying choice many times, I choose the latter. I have a Panasonic camera and will buy only Panasonic Batteries. The savings is long lasting, pun intended.