April 6, 2019

Flame Licker engine Flammenfresser build info

Flame Licker engine Flammenfresser build info: A Flame Licker engine, Flammenfresser in German is a vacuum operated engine, thermodynamicly based on the Newcomen atmospheric engine invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1712. The Flame Licker engine derives its force from atmospheric pressure against the connecting rod side of the piston, and has a partial vacuum on the piston face. At the beginning of an outstroke, a valve in the head of the cylinder opens and admits a charge of burning gas and air, which is higher in volume and trapped by the closing of the valve. Towards the end of the intake stroke the heated air fuel mix comes into a water or air cooled cylinder and is chilled. A furthure cooling of the gas is caused by the increasing in area, swept volume, causing thermodynamic cooling by forced expansion. This sudden drop in pressure combind with an effectivly higher external atmospheric pressure is sufficient to push / suck the piston back on the return stroke. The valve opens again about 90* before top dead center to eliminate any chance of compression which would stall the engine. With the valve full open, the next intake stroke begins. This page is the place holder for the future Flame Licker engine Flammenfresser build info build diagram .

Flame Licker engine Generator Water Cooled Thermosiphone This engine differs from a stirling engine as the cycle is not closed. sometimes called a flame gulper engine or flammenfresser, it is an external combustion engine like a stirling cycle. Home made on my logan lathe and harbor freight mini mill comments
Machining of parts done on a harbor frieght mill, and a logan lathe

Build flame licker engine part 2

Flame Licker engine build part 3 add Water cooling
Adding some heat sinks to the cylinder body of the engine, to improve cooling, and extend the run time if water cooling is not setup. the sinks were lathe turned aluminum by me in 1999 to cool sockt1 cpu.

Homemade Flame Licker engine build A Flame Licker engine pt5. A Bevel Gear has been added to drive a cooling fan. Machining done on a logan lathe and a harbor freight milling machine.
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