April 3, 2019

DIY homemade gas burner model steam boiler

Model steam engine gas burner How to, diy, a home made gas burner using propane fuel. The intended use of this burner is to fire a model steam engine boiler of sufficient size to feed 1/2” double acting steam engines. The homemade gas burner shown here is made primarily from used materials from my scrap bin. A old well used Bernz o matic plumbing torch was used for it’s valve after cutting away the clogged orifice. A bit of 1/4” soft copper tubing was flared and silver soldered to the stem, and closed nearly flat to produce a new opening that would be the jet. A piece of 1” diameter stainless tubing is closed on one end with several folds and crimped flat in a vise. It is then flattened from the closed end, toward the open end to create a ventury effect causing the gas to flo to the end of the burner tube. The amount and size outlet holes will be decided by trial and error, and will depend on the actual size of materials used to make your burner. The larger holes on the open end are to aid in mixing the propane with air, and provide the proper air fuel ratio for efficient use of the fuel. To rich a mixture will produce a yellow orange flame, to lean and the flames will easily blow out. Enjoy the economy of the commonly available gas cylinders sold at most hardware stores. https://youtu.be/sOD8-O2fcxA = SHARE ROCKNTV1