November 13, 2011

Electric Log Splitter force Review

Shop ROCKNTV1:Electric Log Splitter, Video review, electric log splitter, task force by Lowes vs. homemade wood splitter. Here I review this electric firewood log splitter, vs. building your own hydraulic wood splitter. To build log splitter you must have several pieces, an engine, a two stage hydraulic pump, and auto return valve, high-pressure hydraulic hoses, a bunch of steel bits, some wheels and a bag full hydraulic plumbing fittings. This 5 ton electric log splitter, can be used indoors and is one-fifth the price of a home built wood splitter. In this video I will show you this machine splitting freshly cut 100 lb. green logs, being quickly split without the noise and cost of a full-size firewood splitter. I am completely happy operating this unit indoors of the weather. Able to fit a 20 inch log between the ram and the splitting wedge I am making wood stove size pieces that would have taken me at least several hits with a splitting maul.
Electric Log Splitter, Video review As with all power tools safety is of the essence, gloves and I protection are recommended. This electric log splitter requires both hands to operate, one on a power button and the other on the RAM control lever. While it is possible to get hurt using any power tool, I see the only issue as a sore back, the age old problem, of splitting logs for firewood.
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