April 1, 2019

D20 steam engine model Wilesco

The d20 steam engine toy pictured in this video Is a product of the Wilesco company of Germany. Produced, and highly sought after by youngsters from the late 1950’s through present, is likely not on any child’s wish list in the 21’st century. In days gone by, and steam engines still on tracks in most towns, possibly at the local lumber yard, maybe even a cellar powering a pump, the steam engine was front and center in peoples life. Model steam engines were set up as decorations at Christmas time, and commonly as gifts under the tree. Boys would wish for steam engine train sets, cap guns, cowboy outfits, a sheriff’s badge, and a hammer just like dads. Girls, dolls, doll house’s, pretty outfits for the dolls, and small versions of the kitchen appliances mom had. For the most part, there was relative equilibrium on earth.

In the 21 century, you might be hard pressed to have any child even draw a picture of a steam engine. You would likely have an easier time getting a factory reset on your cell phone. Wilesco, still produces the d20 steam engine today, and is one of the upper end of their product line. Few changes have been made to the d20, and it looks nearly as it did when first produced. Today, and without detailed sales information from the Wilesco company, the D20 steam engine, as most of the Wilesco steam model line, are likely purchased by dad or grandpa, for dad or grandpa, or to thrill the really young, who are certain to be amazed by the steam boiler whistle and the huffing of the steam driven engine. Please help me date this d20 steam engine and leave comments here. = SHARE ROCKNTV1