March 31, 2019

Stirling engine generator in coal stove

Stirling engine generator in coal stove. An example of a home made gamma type stirling engine as the prime mover in a combined heat and power generation system. The engine is driving a small permanent magnet dc motor, to power 2 led light bulbs, but could be used to charge a battery bank for off grid use. Stirling engines are generally used to convert waste heat into a usable source of energy before exiting a system. However, in this example the coal stove is used as the primary source of heat for the house and the stirling engine in no way degrades this performance. The diy stirling engine in this video has an all steel construction of the crankshaft, power piston and cylinder are fully machined in both lathe and milling operations. It is these 3 parts that are the most time consuming and expensive to produce. The displacer piston that is transferring the hot and cold gas is close tolerance to the hot end cylinder, and is slightly rubbing on the cold stroke due to the vibration caused by excessive run out in the fly wheel. = SHARE ROCKNTV1