March 30, 2019

light a coal stove how to the Easy way

Easy way to light a coal stove, how to light a coal stove, my way, after 6 years, this is the easiest way I've found to get coal burning. Or you can do it yourself, diy your way. EPA, dual fuel and wood stoves suck, In my opinion. They may have a catalytic element that may clog, or just disintegrate. They rarely have under fire or primary air inlet like a true coal stove, and they not really capable of maintaining “useful” heating fire. For the most part they can not and will not heat a house to a constant temperature because the second half of their 8 to 10 hour burn time is useless smoldering. These wood stoves may even have a decorative glass window which will only stay see thru if the inlet air is close to the glass. The concept of secondary burn sound good on paper, but is really only viable while the stove is actively burning wood. 500F plus! The coal stove in this video is a US Army cannon heater #20, It can, and will heat a whole house, from the basement even. The coal can be ignited from underneath as shown, and burn rate controled by the primary air under the shaker grate. Draft control and secondary burning of vol-ital flue gas controlled by over fire air and the pipe damper. = SHARE ROCKNTV1