March 27, 2019

Easy set pool buying setup maintenance tips

Intex Easy set pool buying guide setup and maintenance tips. After 8 seasons of ownership of the Intex brand of easy set soft side pools.I have come to some conclusions about the ease of ground preparation,setup and maintenance of this type of pool. If you would like to watch THIS video,you can see how to pick a location for the pool, and the ground preparation of the area before setting up the pool. The video on this page is the 4th year after buying my first easy set pool. Over the coarse of the third swimming season it developed a leak or leaks in the air filled top ring. I was not really surprised, as this air filled ring is completely exposed to the sun, and subjected to much expansion and contraction from the hot summer days and cooling at night. I purchased a recommended pool patch kit and proceeded to attempt a patch of the ring. This was near an exorcise in futility, as the glue had a fully cured drying time of 24hrs. Which, subjected to expansion and contraction, whilst being held by a wood working clamp, would not seal.

September of that year brought the cool evenings and the decision to leave the easy set pool to winter outdoors. Knowing full well the air ring would not survive the snow and ice, I decided to buy a new Intex brand easy set pool for the following season. The old one was left partially filled to preserve the area the pool is set up in for the next coming season. The following May, on a weekend shopping spree, the better half, came home from the local box store with the new pool. This pool however, was NOT the Intex Easy Set brand but one of the look alike competitors. Taking the pool filled box from the back seat, I immediately realized a weight difference. I could only attribute this to the material the side and bottom of the pool is made from, either thickness or grade. The product was returned and a genuine Intex easy set pool of the same size purchased. The quality of the filter pump was not determined as I never opened the box. I was not to sacrifice my 3 years of previous satisfaction with the Intex brand easy set pool to save 15 dollars.
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