March 26, 2019

40939 6x26 milling machine 6” milling vise

Harbor Freight 40939 6x26 milling machine with a 6” milling vise for size comparison for mini milling machines. This is a 105lbs Yuasa vise with swivel base, made in japan. The 6” vise is quite large on the 6x26 mill, however a very serviceable work holding devise for this size mill. With the rotary base removed, an extra 1.5” of z axis height becomes available under the spindle. I clamped the vise upside down to the table to mill away the rear coolant trough to gain back a bit more y axis travel. This video shows the milling vise mounted to the table of the 40939 6x26 mill next to a 3” angle vise for comparison. 6” mill vise mini milling machine 40939 6x26 6” milling vise kurt yuasa orange glacern Chinese mill vise cross slide vise tool makers vise grinding vise drill press milling machining soft jaws Harbor Freight vise wilton acculock cnc vise hold down work holding swivel base rotary base = SHARE ROCKNTV1